How To Use Your Writing Skills To Make Money Online

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July 6, 2017
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July 22, 2017

How To Use Your Writing Skills To Make Money Online

Have you ever read an article online and thought I could write that? If so you’re not alone many people want to write for the web and while finding volunteer opportunities is easy if you want to make money writing online then it’s a little more difficult.

But don’t worry we can help you! Whatever you enjoy writing about there’s likely away you can turn that passion into one of the best ways to make money online.

You don’t have to be an English or journalism graduate either, all you need is a talent for writing and the patience to do some research and some waiting.

When it comes to making money writing online there’s some tough competition, new writers are popping up all the time and there’s already a lot of experienced ones out there. But don’t let the competition scare you, it might take a little time but you can use your writing skills to make money online.

Follow Your Passion

Using your writing skills to make money online can be challenging at first but we can help. First of all, work out what your main writing strengths are, is it review writing, general web copy, item descriptions for online shops or articles written for a particular industry like movies, fashion, technology or music?

That can be your starting point, from there you can offer freelancing services writing for your main passion. There’s a wide range of freelancing sites like Peopleperhour and Fiverr which make great starting platforms for writers and you can also search sites like Gumtree and Craigslist to find writing positions.

But Don’t Be Afraid To Tackle New Things

While following your passion and niche is a good way to ensure you always write high-quality content if you really want to make money online using your writing skills then you’re also going to need to be brave.

Following your niche is great but to attract more custom you’re also going to need to be willing to learn and be open to doing research. The most successful online writers today are versatile meaning they can tackle a wide array of subjects and still ensure high-quality results.

While this might require some practice, it’s usually much easier than you might think, all you need to do is think outside the box a little. For example, if you enjoy writing about fashion or technology then you could easily transfer those skills into writing shopping descriptions for clothing and tech products.

If you want to make money writing online then you should always be reading as well, don’t be afraid to check out similar pieces for ideas and inspiration, but make sure you don’t just copy what you read.

It’s Not All Articles and Blogs

When you think about writing online you’re probably thinking about articles and blogs, aren’t you? While they’re probably the more fun and interesting pieces to write (for most people) they are far from the only things you can write.

Think about it, the web is full of writing, isn’t it? You could write general web copy for websites like their home and landing pages and you could also offer spell and grammar checking services as well.

Most website like to refresh their copy every now and again and will be more than willing to outsource the work to a freelancer.

Submit Your Own Articles

Freelancing is a great way to make money online using your writing skills, in fact, it is arguably the most sort after online freelancing skill. But there’s a lot of competition and standing out from the crowd can be difficult meaning that you might have to wait a long time for clients or be willing to offer cheaper prices at first.

However, you can speed the process up and network all at the same time by submitting your own writing to websites directly. This might take some searching and your writing might not be suitable in every case but there’s sure to be a site or two out there that will pay you for your writing.

You should also consider starting a blog (writers should really have a blog anyway so they can show examples of their work online) because if your blog is popular then companies or sites may be willing to pay you to write about their products or services.

Review blogs or niche interests’ blogs like fashion and technology are very popular for these kinds of things but any blog, if it’s popular enough, could attract interest. You could also volunteer to write for sites for free and try to turn it into a paid position if the site starts making money and your articles are popular enough, although it as to be said this can be difficult.

Always Keep Learning

Making money online can be difficult because of the tough competition but if you can write well then people will usually come back to call upon your services again. There might be a lot of writers online but the more skilled and versatile writers will be able to build a loyal client base.

So, if you’re looking to make money online using your writing skills then make sure you always keep learning and keep practicing. Every time you write you’ll get better and better and that way you can be sure to always impress clients and build customer loyalty. 

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